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Book Review: Monster Hunter Legion eARC (5 of 5)

So Saturday night I was checking the Baen website for new reading material and got a wonderful surprise:

The eARC (electronic Advanced Reader Copy) was available for the newest addition to Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International series.  It was a bit pricey ($15) and an eARC means that it hasn’t had an editor go over it yet, so I was on the fence.  The publish date isn’t until September though Baen usually has the ebook available a week or two before the official date.  Maybe I should wait…

What’s this?  The first 7 chapters are available online for free!

So I begin.

And finish chapter 7 about 1:00 am.

And order the eARC at 1:01 am.  Download and install on my Kindle.

I did manage to wait until Sunday morning to start chapter 8, but it was a close call.

Now on to the review:

Monster Hunter Legion takes place after the events of the first 3 MHI novels.  Owen, Julie, Earl and the rest have just arrived in Las Vegas for the first annual monster hunters convention.  Hunters from all over the world have arrived, including the Monster Control Board (feds), to exchange information and get to know each other.  There’s quite a bit of personal friction between many of the hunters, the SHOT show is across the street, and a top secret government agency (introduced in Monster Hunter Alpha) issues a $10 million challenge to the assembled hunters and the race is on.

MH-Legion is a fast-paced, exciting adventure.  I give it 5 out of 5.

Now I just have to wait for Oliver Wyman to record the audio book.


May 29, 2012 at 8:22 pm

I’ve got a bad feeling …

Last May, Larry Correia announced that he had sold the television rights for Monster Hunter International to the same group that produces the Walking Dead.  He was careful to curb our enthusiasm since the sale of the rights did not insure that even a pilot episode, let alone a series, would ever be filmed.

While I have already read the MHI books, I’m now working my way through the audio versions.  This morning I had a terrible thought:  Considering how The Walking Dead was translated to television, what would MHI look like?

Let’s glance into the minds of typical Hollywood executives:


1.  The compound has to be relocated.  Maybe Texas would be okay, but Alabama?  Has any show ever been based in Alabama?  Let’s move it to southern California.

2.  Audiences wouldn’t watch an action show with a star of mixed race.  Owen should be played by a metrosexual underwear model, or maybe an Aussie.

3.  These guys worship guns and are from the south, so most of them must be bigots (see #2) and/or wife beaters.

4.  Julie as an Amazon is too Xena Warrior Princess.  Too be more original, let’s make her a manic pixie dream girl. Is Zooey Deschanel available?

5.  And instead of being an expert marksman, Julie can defeat monsters with Kung Fu like River Tam.  The fanboys love that stuff.

6.  Trip being black is cool, but why does he have to be a Christian.  Be original and make him a Muslim.

7.  Earl doesn’t smoke.  Period.  No discussion.

8.  Can we get Betty White to play Dorcas?  She’s feisty.

9.  Having the Cursed One as a genocidal European is cool, but instead of the the gross ichor (expensive special effects!) let’s make him a Republican senator or one of those Koch guys.

10.  OMG Yes!  The Curse One is a Climate Change denier!  He created Global Warming to change our world in order for the Old Ones to come here!  We’ll save a fortune on special effects and won’t have to build that pyramid thingy.


And that’s just off the top of my head.  The reality would probably be a lot worse.

Please, Larry, just cash the check and keep on writing.  But pray that they never, ever follow through.

February 25, 2012 at 12:14 pm

Day 27 – Favourite non-mainstream writer

Since most of what I read is genre fiction, you could say that all of them are non-mainstream.

I like the way today’s topic is written.  “Writer” is so much better than “Author”.

Personally, I use the term “Author” in a mostly derogatory manner.  Anne Rice was a “Writer” when she published Interview with Vampire and The Vampire Lestat.  She became an “Author” starting with Queen of the Damned.  Tom Clancy held out longer as a “Writer”, not becoming an “Author” until Debt of Honor.

So what is the difference between a “Writer” and an “Author”?

A writer is a craftsman that puts together a good story with solid writing, usually with the help of a good editor.

An author is a former writer that is in desperate need of an editor.

Occasionally, an author will manage to crank out a well written book, but the odds are against it.

If Harry Potter had continued on for another two books, Rowling would have become an “Author”.  You can see it coming in The Half Blood Prince and The Deathly Hollows.  There’s more fat and gristle in those two books than in all five of the previous books combined.  Fortunately, she and her editors managed to hold it below the USDA maximum recommended guidelines.

Back to the topic – favorite non-mainstream writer.

He’s moving into the mainstream now, but his first book was self-published before being picked up by Baen Publishing.  His second book is a best seller and he has a second series starting up soon.

Of course, I talking about Larry Correia, writer of Monster Hunter International.

March 6, 2011 at 1:03 pm

Book Review: Monster Hunter International

I just finished reading Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia ( and I enjoyed it a lot.  The plot was exciting and fast pace.  The monsters were extremely formidable, but the hero plausibly triumphed.  My biggest concern is:  what can he do for the sequel?

August 2, 2009 at 8:57 pm