A Liberal Definition of Fair

August 4, 2012 at 10:48 pm

I read a nice post over at Borepatch about the mixed feelings some people are having about wanting to support Chick-fil-A for their free speech rights, but not harm friends in the LGBTQ community.  As a compromise, Jeniffer suggests donating $1 to The Trevor Project for every dollar spent at Chick-fil-A.

I don’t know Jeniffer’s political persuasion, but her suggestion is classic Liberal Fairness.

Every dollar spent at Chick-fil-A (or any other business) has to cover the cost of the food (merchandise/service) that you purchase, including material, labor, equipment, facility, utilities, taxes, permits and licenses. What little is leftover as profit is divided amongst shareholders and used to cover their living expenses with an even smaller amount that actually goes to charity.

So even if every dollar of Chick-fil-A profit that is eventually donated to charity goes to an organization opposed by the LGBTQ community, the actual amount is no more than a few percent of the total revenue.  So Jeniffer’s compromise is to give the Trevor Project 50x the money that the “objectionable” charity might receive.

Great compromise.

Really fair.


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