Freedom is a Loophole: Part 2

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I just found out that Guffaw in AZ has moved from Blogspot to WordPress (I’ve update his link in the sidebar).  I was catching up on some posts that I’d missed when I read this one that included a rant from George Carlin on how society is rigged against the comman man.  I’m not sure when Carlin made this rant, but it does have a ring of truth to it.  I did get annoyed when Carlin states that the current state of affairs started “30 years ago” and thought I’d make a comment about that.  The comment was bit longer than expected, so I thought I’d share it here as well.

You might want to read the original post first.

My comment:

Carlin was stuck in the 60’s.  What he said had a lot of truth to it, except for saying that it started “30 years ago”.  
That’s always how the game’s been played.
Divine Right of kings, Philosopher kings, might makes right, etc…
That is why the Magna Carta was such a big deal in 1215.  For the first time, a king was placed under the law instead of above it.
That is why the American Revolution was the shot heard ’round the world.  We stated that government ruled only under the consent of the People and by the powers delegated by the People.  And the light from the shining city on the hill began to inspire the world…
But US decline began almost immediately.  There is a reason we refer to Carnegie, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, et al as robber barons.  The decline became official policy starting with Woodrow Wilson and his belief in philosopher kings.  Progressivism/Socialism wasn’t about making the world better for everyone, it has always been about putting the “right” people in charge to make decisions for the huddled masses (i.e. philosopher kings).
Carlin just didn’t notice it until Nixon took office and never realized the larger scope.  Despite this rant about society screwing the common man, he still supported the progressive agenda.

My original post:  Freedom is a Loophole.


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