It’s No Wonder They Hate Us

February 12, 2012 at 11:07 pm

We are constantly being reminded that the whole world hates Americans.  The Ugly American is the stereotypical tourist that’s opinionated, self-centered and bossy.  We’re always telling everyone else what to do while we live extravagantly.

It occurs to me that based on their own personal experiences with Americans, the rest of the world is right.

Think about it.

Most Americans don’t have passports.  We’re a parochial lot that seldom travels abroad.  So what Americans do travel about the world, being boorish and arrogant?

The elitist, self-indulgent intelligentsia that reside primarily in New England and the west coast.

Who does the world see in our movies and television programs?

New Yorkers and Californians.  Or when Hollywood does venture outside the “norm” in their scripts, the results are the typical bigoted stereotype.

It’s no wonder they hate us.  I’m not too fond of those guys, either.


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