2009 Post: Freedom is a Loophole

February 10, 2012 at 7:34 pm

Say Uncle had a post with this title and it reminded me of my old post on the subject:


Freedom is a Loophole

In the vast spread of history, the status quo of the human condition has been poverty and slavery.  The natural order of the world is for the strong to dominate the weak and survival of the fittest.  The United States has been an aberration, declaring that all men are created equal.  In fact, the US is a Judeo-Christian nation is this one very important aspect:  we have no king.  In the Old Testament, God did not intend for Israel to have a king, but the people begged for one despite His will.  So He gave them Saul and the nation of Israel became more like every other nation, where the people lived at the whim of a ruler and succession to the throne came by force or heredity.

The United States is the exception.  We have no rulers, only representative (in theory at least).  This is why I would never vote for Jeb Bush, regardless of his qualifications, and hope that no Kennedy is ever again Senator, let alone President.



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