February 5, 2012 at 7:17 pm

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It was very difficult to finally admit to myself that I am a RINO – Republican In Name Only.
I’ve often referred to Richard Lugar as a RINO, but I realize that it isn’t true. Lugar is the epitome of the modern Republican, personifying the big government, progressive-lite beliefs of the RNC and party leaders.
I am the RINO.
I’m a conservative with a strong libertarian streak. Worse, I also possess strong Christian beliefs (though I usually fail to live up to them). I support smaller government, the fundamental dignity of the individual and decentralization of power.
None of these characteristics are found in the Republican party.
Just look at the efforts the party leaders have made to sideline the Tea Party and its representatives. Look at the presidential candidates that Republicans have nominated for the past 30 years: Bush, Dole, Bush, McCain and now Romney. Not one of them have supported smaller government, decentralization or anything other than business as usual, but with their guys in charge.
I agree that we’ll never find another Reagan, but do we have to settle for someone that doesn’t even attempt to measure up?


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