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December 3, 2011 at 5:07 pm

I’ll admit it up front.  This post is mostly just a comment I made to the post “Defending the Temple of Doom” by Scott over at Commentarama Films (head over and take a look at it), but since I haven’t been posting much I figured that I should take advantage of it.


First off, I am old enough that all saw all 3 films (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, and The Last Crusade) in the theater when they first came out.
One correction (to another commenter’s opinion that Temple would have been just as successful as Raiders if it had come first, since Harrison Ford was such a big star):
Harrison Ford wasn’t a hot property before Raiders came out. He’d been in American Graffiti, Star Wars and Empire, but was not personally a Big Star. Raiders was The Movie that made his reputation and rightly so.
The night I saw Temple of Doom, I loved it. It was a great roller coaster ride, but my enthusiasm had worn off by the very next day. Yes, it was a prequel, but Indy had changed from a man of integrity that practically worshiped historical treasures to a man that trades an artifact to mobsters for a diamond. Add in the stupid raft-as-parachute scene and the gross-out scenes and you’ve effectively destroyed the emotional connection with Raiders.
As for Crusades, yes, you have Ford and Connery. But even before Ford appears on screen, you have River Phoenix as an excellent young Indy, complete with the integrity and love for history that was so missed in Temple.
I’ve only seen a about 10 minutes of Crystal Skull on television and regret seeing that much.




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