Sorry to disappoint …

September 1, 2011 at 7:44 pm

… not really.

Just received a 2 question political survey.

Question 1:  What is the most important issue in next year’s Republican primary?

  • A. Jobs/Economy
  • B. Debt/Spending
  • C. National Security
  • D. Social Issues
  • E. something or other – I quit paying attention.

Of course, I answered B. Debt/Spending.

Question 2:  Who are you planning to vote for as the Republican nominee for Senator?

A. Richard Lugar (First elected to the US Senate in 1977 when the US Debt was less than $900 Billion or about 1/3 GDP)

B. Richard Mourdock

I choose, hmmmm. B: Richard Mourdock

Uh oh.  Seems the poll was sponsored by Lugar’s campaign.

Too bad.  I’ve written to Lugar a couple of times and never received a response.  Even Evan Bayh’s office responded to my letter, in which I clearly identified myself as a Republican.  Lugar didn’t.  It’s time for him to leave.




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