Now I understand SMART people

July 29, 2011 at 10:17 pm

via Borepatch, I found Sonic Charmer’s very informative post, The Smart People Crowd.  SC explains the difference between smart people (inventors, scientists, engineers, mathematicians, etc.) and SMART people (PhDs from the Ivy League).  The post is born out by one of the commenters. Kai.  a PhD candidate in literature, expresses a smug superiority in her comments simply because she is a PhD candidate.

I’ve long been bemused by the singular refrain offered by the Liberal Progressive leaders with regards to even nominal conservatives.  Ford was an idiot, Reagan was an idiot, GHW Bush was clueless, GW Bush was an idiot, McCain was an idiot (alright, I might give them that one), Palin is an idiot, Bachman is an idiot and I’m convinced the storyline will be the same on every future Republican hitting the limelight.  (I only recall Nixon being portrayed as a crook, but I have no memory of politics prior to Saturday Night Live).

On the other hand, Kennedy was a genius (Camelot!), Carter was a genius (Nuclear Engineer!), Mondale was a genius, Dukakis was a genius (really?), Clinton was a genius (Oxford!), Algore was a genius, Kerry was a genius and lastly, Obama is a genius.

Do you see the pattern here?

Then I read Chicago Boyz post, King of the Word People, and the comments (especially Billy Hollis’) and now I get it.

Unless you are progressive, you CAN’T be SMART.  By definition!

Reminds me of an argument I had with my uncle after the 2002 elections (they’ve since disowned me).  Democrats are good because they support the Unions!  Unions are good because they support the Working Man!  You can’t be a Working Man unless you are in a Union and support the Democrats!



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