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July 29, 2011 at 11:23 pm


It seems that every week or so I run into a blog post where the blogger and/or his commenters turn all luddite on ebooks, especially kindles.  Recent examples include:

Adaptive Curmudgeon
View from the Porch (Commenters, not Tam)
Brian J Noggle (found via Tam)

I read a lot (2-4 books a week).  I still read paperbacks and hardbacks occasionally.  I’ve been a member of paperbackswap.com for several years and still use the account for books I’m interested in, but not willing to shell out cash for.  I love books.


And I love my kindle (I am not associated with Amazon other than as a customer and do not receive any compensation for this or any post – now FTC go away).

It’s not in color, nor does it have an apple on it.  However:

  • I only have to charge it once every 3-4 weeks
  • I can increase the font size when my eyes get tired
  • I can read it in direct sunlight (even at the beach!)
  • I have over 50 books on it (including freebies from Gutenberg) with room for plenty more
  • I can pre-order that new release from Amazon, download it it as 12:01 and start reading
  • I can download free ebooks from Baen.com or purchase ebooks from them for less cash than Amazon and occasionally sooner (Monster Hunter Alpha was available a week early on Baen.com)
  • I can download ebooks directly from Amazon via wifi, even if I purchase the book elsewhere by emailing it to my kindle account (no charge for wifi downloads, but there is a charge for 3G downloads)
  • I can drag/drop files from my computer directly to my kindle using a USB/microUSB cable.
  • I can sync an ebook with my smartphone so that I can pick up where I quit reading on my kindle when I get caught in the waiting room at the dentist without the kindle.

Most of the books that I read aren’t worth reading more than once (equivalent to a popcorn movie), so I don’t need to be able to keep it for 20 years.  The books I do reread occasionally are right there when I do want them.

A kindle will break if you sit on it, step on it or drop it into the bath tub, but then so does my cellphone.  I have yet to read any blogger state that cellphones aren’t worthwhile.

And I’ve had it with people that complain about Amazon being too big or mean or whatever, then bragging about their iPhone, iPad, iTouch, iPod or other iCrap that Apple kicks out (my family has its fair share of Apple crap.  Though I have convinced my wife of the kindle’s superiority to the iPad for ebooks).  Amazon deleted some books that they didn’t have the legal right to sell in the first place.  Could they have handled it better?  Sure, but they appear to have learned from the experience.  Some of you guys sound just like the hippie Walmart bashers.

Seriously, folks.  If you don’t want a kindle, don’t buy one.  But don’t be so All Natural, 100% Organic, Fair Trade sanctimonious about it.


We now return to our standard, sporatically posted blogfodder.


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