Woe to those who call evil good and good evil (Isaiah 5:20)

July 16, 2011 at 10:06 am

Borepatch had a post about how his blog is now being 3% more evil (certified measurement of 37%) according to the site The Sect of Homokaasu.

So I decided to see how my little blog ranked in the Good / Evil scale.

Not nearly as evil as Darth Borepatch.  Then to make things interesting, I copied/pasted the text from my July 4th post – The Declaration of Independence.

This is the result:

The text you sent is

62% evil, 38% good
pentagram pentagram

Say what!  The document that lays out the case that all men are created equal and in possession of inalienable rights is 62% evil?

Obviously, what this algorithm does is assign values to individual words and totals them without regard to context.  So when the Declaration lists all the crimes of King George, the algorithm counts those crimes against the Declaration.  And any website that calls evil to account would likewise be counted as evil.

But in fact, this algorithm is even worse.

I entered the text “I am a murderer” and got the following rating:

The text you sent is

66% evil, 34% good
pentagram pentagram

I then entered the text “You are a murderer” and got the following rating:

The text you sent is

96% evil, 4% good
pentagram pentagram

So declaring another person to be a murderer is 30% more evil than being a murderer?

The ematriculator won’t assess its own evil, it gives you a recursive error, but you can assess the organizations website, homokaasa.org, which it assesses as only 12% evil, then states,
“Wasn’t that fun?  Now waste your time by Killing Everyone!”


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Happy Independence Day ! Finished It!


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