Day 28 – First book obsession

March 7, 2011 at 9:49 pm

I have a brother that is six years older than me.  When I was around seven, I tended to annoy him as little brothers do until the day he gave me a book to read – book one of a series.  He told me that he had several books of this series and that he would let me have them IF I could read them.  For the first book or two, I was constantly bothering him with questions about words I didn’t know.  As my vocabulary grew, I bothered him less and less.

I later realized that it was just a sneaky way to get rid of me, but it led to many enjoyable hours.

So what was this first book obsession?







I collected the six books that he had, then went on to acquire all of the published series and finally the new books as each was added until they started publishing them in paperback.

Fifty-eight books in the series, plus the Detective handbook.

Maybe I should dig them out and read them again?  Just for old times sake?


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