Not a Vlasic

March 6, 2011 at 6:03 pm

Last week I purchased a knife to clear out some bushes around the house.  This morning I went to work on the two worst offenders, so I had my new toy hanging in a scabbard off of my belt.  My twelve year old noticed the scabbard and asked me what I was wearing.

“A big ole knife,” I answered.

She squinted her eyes and asked, “A pickle knife?”

I chuckled as I pulled it from the scabbard to show her.  “No, a big ole knife.  It’s called a kukri.  These are the favorite knife of these warriors from Nepal called Gurkhas.”

At that, my wife laughed and chimed in, “Gurkhas or gherkins?  Maybe it is a pickle knife!”



Entry filed under: Humor.

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