Just back from the Indy Blogmeet

February 27, 2011 at 10:42 pm

I had a great time:  good food, interesting conversations and great friends.

Bobbi took a couple of pictures that will probably show up on her blog.

Tam handed out copies of Concealed Carry magazine.

Old Grouch and Joanna were there.

And I met Don from Push the Pull Door (now added to sidebar).

We discussed the stuff from Star Trek that bugged us (technobabble, captain leading away teams, etc), and the guy sitting next to me (I’m sorry, but I’m terrible with names) answered my biggest gripe.

In the original series, a Phaser type I could completely vaporize a human being.  So how come the bad guys could hide behind rocks?  TNG and DS9 were atrocious about this.  I remember a DS9 episode where Sisco and crew are using phaser rifles, but they can’t hit the bad guys (Dominion?  Cardassions?) because they were hiding behind some big rocks!

Dude!  Vaporize the rock!

Well, my blog companion pointed out that they probably were bound by the 24th century Assault Weapons Ban.  That’s why the phasers are underpowered, don’t have sights (mechanical or optical) and have lousy ergonomics.

After all, Star Fleet is based out of San Francisco.


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