Day 14 – Favorite male character

February 20, 2011 at 10:29 am 1 comment

Unfortunately, my namesake doesn’t qualify for this post.

Mike, aka Mycroft HOLMES model 4 from The Moon is A Harsh Mistress, isn’t really a male character.  At least, he isn’t only a male character.  So that rules him out.

My favorite Heinlein male character is probably Jubal Harshaw.  Smart, wise, sentimental and pretty cantankerous – what’s not to love?

But he really isn’t my favorite male character overall.

I have to think on this a bit, since my favorites have changed over the years.

There was Frank Hardy of The Hardy Boys.  I collected the books until they started coming out in paperback.  Still have them in the basement somewhere.  But then there was Chris Cool, teen agent.  A teenage James Bond with gadgets and adventures to capture a boy’s imagination.

I loved Tarzan and John Carter, but more for their adventures than for the characters themselves.

And don’t forget the villains!  Where would Sherlock Holmes be without Professor Moriarty?  And while Brian Cox and Anthony Hopkins both had wonderful performances, Dr Hannibal Lector was an incredibly vivid character straight from the page.

And the anti-heros!  Takeshi Kovacs or Thomas Covenant were both sharply defined and detailed.

No, there can be only one.  He was one of my favorites before the movies were made, but the heart-felt performance of Sean Astin clinched it.

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Frodo Lives, but Sam Rules!

(and he got the girl)



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