Day 03 – Your favorite recent book

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Again, I’m in partial agreement with Captain Tightpants with the selection of a Harry Dresden novel by Jim Butcher.  I’m a fairly recent newcomer to the annals of Harry Dresden.  I had tried to read Storm Front last summer, but couldn’t get into it.  Then I stumbled upon the short-lived tv series via Netflix and enjoyed it enough to give Butcher another chance.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my copy of Storm Front.  A co-worker that adores Harry Dresden recommended that I start with one of the later books of the series.

I may have mentioned before that I purchased a Kindle last September.  I still enjoy reading paperback and hardback novels, but as an engineer I spend a large part of my day reading procedures, protocols and reports so that by the time I sit down in the evening for some pleasure reading, my eyes tire out pretty quick.  With the Kindle, I bump up the font and can read to my heart’s desire.

So what does this have to do with Harry Dresden?  In a word:  money.

Jim Butcher’s novels are available as e-books, but they are not cheap.  In fact, they’re more expensive than the paperback version.  So when I checked Amazon to find a different Harry Dresden novel to try out, I picked White Night (Book 9) since it was the cheapest.

I then read Small Favor (Book 10) and Turn Coat (Book 11) before starting over at the beginning with Storm Front and working my way back up, spending my hard-earned dollars for each.  Finally, with all of the older novels exhausted, I forked over the money for Changes (Book 12) as my most expensive e-book to date.

So Mr Butcher, you’ve succeeded in extorting over a hundred dollars out of me with your talented story-telling.  And now I’m waiting to pay top dollar for Ghost Story (Book 13) when it comes out in July.

So which Harry Dresden novel is my favorite?


You just can’t beat a zombie dinosaur.


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