Movie Review: Inception (5 of 5)

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Let me be honest.

I don’t like Leo DiCaprio.  We own a copy of Catch Me If You Can, but I’ve yet to watch it.  I’ve never been in the mood for a Leonardo DiCaprio movie.  Not sure why, may be his (IMHO) over-inflated reputation as an actor.  In fact, that is probably the primary reason.  I’m seldom impressed by anything that’s forced down my throat as “THE NEXT BIG THING”.  I’ll make up my own mind, thank you very much.

That out of the way:  I loved Inception.  Everyone in my family did as well, though truth be told, my eleven year old daughter did get a bit bored in the middle (we let her go out to the lobby for a popcorn refill), but then Percy Jackson is more her speed.

Is Inception as perfect as some have claimed?  No.  There are flaws – some obvious – but they did not detract or distract from our enjoyment.  I went in prepared to not like this movie and I’m very pleased to report that I was wrong.

So what’s it about?

Leo is a thief.  His team enters the dream of their victim and trick them into revealing confidential information, but they’re not always successful.  As a result, he has enemies out to get him.  Neither can he return home to the US to be reunited with his children (for a reason important to the plot).  Pushed into a corner, he takes a “impossible” job – Inception: implanting an idea into the subject rather than extracting one.  He assembles his team (including Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and stage their assault.  But dreams can take on a life of their own.

I never should have doubted Chris Nolan.  His movies, from Memento to The Dark Knight, have been consistently excellent, thought-provoking and above all else, entertaining.

Isn’t that what movies are all about.


The biggest flaw involved the use of gravity and lack thereof.

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