Movie Review: The Blue Max (4/5)

April 19, 2010 at 9:48 pm

The Blue Max (1966) starred George Peppard as a WW1 German fighter pilot focused on winning the Blue Max, the top German ace medal.  He’s from a poor family and winning the prestigious honor will insure that he receives the respect he craves from his higher-bred countrymen.  The film includes “cameo” scenes with the Red Baron and an unnamed, but distinctive german messenger with a very small mustache.

The film contains a number of biplane dogfights that are pretty good and Ursula Andress which is pretty spectacular.  James Mason plays the Luftwaffa General and there were other familiar faces though I don’t know the actors’ names.  The interesting part is that Peppard speaks with his characteristically cool American accent, Mason with his impeccable British accent , Andress with her Swiss accent and various others with British and German accents, though all of the characters were supposed to be German.  For a serious drama, the various accents were very amusing.

At 2 hours 36 minutes, it is a bit long but very entertaining.


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