Saturday Night was date night

January 3, 2010 at 2:53 pm

Took the wife to a new restaurant and a movie last night.  The restaurant was Wild Ginger at 116th street in Fishers.  We split the combo dinner #1 (terriyaki chicken, breaded port cutlet, steak & scallion rolls and a veggie patty), a california roll (made with crab instead of tuna) and a “mistake” roll (house specialty).  All were delicious and eminently satisfying.  The place opened around Christmas and I hope they remain with us for a long time.

The movie was NOT Avatar (eldest daughter wants to see that one with us).  We saw the new Iron Sherlock Holmes movie.  Verdict:  We liked it.  In fact, I may try to catch it again for a matinee if I get the chance.

No, it is not faithful to the books.

Yes, it was updated for “modern” tastes.


The nonlinear style did much to capture Holmes’ mighty intelligence in an interesting and dynamic manner.  Downey played Holmes as a highly-functional schizophrenic – lost without a challenge suitable to his dizzying intellect and utterly dependent on the understanding support of his friend Watson, played superbly by Jude Law.  In fact, I have no complaint with any of the casting and was particularly impressed with the character of Mary – Watson’s fiance.

Sadly, Sherlock Holmes is being overshadowed by the above mentioned CGI extravaganza.   Take my advice – Don’t miss it.


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