Movie Review: The Blind Side (5 of 5)

December 4, 2009 at 7:50 pm 1 comment

I was very surprised.

My wife dragged me to see The Blind Side.  While we both like Sandra Bullock, she’s more of a football fan than I am and the trailer for this film made it look like one of those movies on the Hallmark Channel.  I wasn’t very interested.  So she took the girls to see it while I was out looking at deer I couldn’t get a shot at.  When I got home empty-handed, she loaded me in the car for a movie date – just the two of us.  The Blind Side is not a Hallmark TV Movie.  It was very well done, with plenty of humor and drama.  Sandra Bullock nailed the role and I didn’t recognize Tim McGraw right away even though I knew he was in the movie.

The Blind Side is based on the true story of Michael Oher, the son of a crack-addicted mother, that sleeps on the couch at a friend’s house when the movie begins.  The friend’s uncle works at a private Christian high school and requests special admission for his nephew.  Michael is just along for the ride, but when the school football coach see this huge black teenager playing hoops, he persuades the school to allow Michael to attend as well.

Leigh Ann (Bullock) spots Michael walking in a cold rain one night and takes pity on the boy, inviting him into her home for the night.  Soon Michael is a regular member of the family.

During the closing credits, photographs of the real family are shown on the screen.  Michael Oher is now a NFL football player.


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Deer Hunting Weekend + Monday Done Working for the Year

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  • 1. Brigid  |  December 10, 2009 at 10:15 pm

    I like Sandra Bullock. I know she’s been in some “chick flicks” but I can’t recall seeing her in anything I hated. I met her at an airport in Austin once, my copilot spotted her and asked for an autograph. She couldn’t have been more gracious, friendly, approachable and wrote him a nice little note for his daughter, a big fan.

    I want to go see that werewolf flick I saw the preview for at Zombieland. Maybe this weekend after drywall extravaganza, if I can roust any interest after all the work that everyone else will be doing while I just make chili for 20.


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