Movie Review: The Proposal (4/5)

November 9, 2009 at 9:16 pm 1 comment

Keep in mind that this is the Rom/Com grading scale.

Watched this Sandra Bullock/Ryan Reynolds movie with the wife and kids last Saturday and laughed … a lot.  Could be because we are big fans of Ms Bullock (kids have watched Ms Congenialty 1 & 2 repeatedly).

If you missed the trailers for this one:  She’s the ice-cold queen bitch that nice guy Reynolds works for as an executive assistant.  She’s the chief editor at a NYC publishing firm and he’s working towards an editor’s position.  Once her bitchiness is well established, she learns that her work visa (she’s Canadian) will not be extended and she’s about to be replaced by the poor schmuck she just fired.  In desparation, she announces her engagement to her assistant.

After meeting with a suspicious immigration officer, they’re off to Alaska for his grandmother’s birthday.  The rest proceeds as expected.  Craig T Nelson doesn’t have a lot to do as Reynold’s dad and Mary Steenburgen plays his mom, but Betty White obviously had a lot of fun as his eccentric grandmother.

And may I say that Sandra Bullock still looks better than 90% of the twenty-somethings filling Hollywood these days.

So my wife, daughters and I agree that we’ll probably be purchasing a copy of this movie when the price drops to $10.


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  • 1. Brigid  |  November 13, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    I think the last “romantic comedy” I saw was Evil Dead II. 🙂

    I think Sandra’s great. I met her in the lobby at an fixed base operator at the little Austin airport (the old one). She was just sitting there waiting in jeans and a ball cap and my copilot was all beside himself to get an autograph for his daughter. I said. Just go ASK her. He did, and she was just as NICE as could be and wrote a really nice little note for his 14 year old, a huge fan.

    I’m glad I’m not famous, though once, when my hair was really really long I was on the back end of a 137 foot yacht in Florida and a little boatload of tourists shouted “Fergie!” (the princess not the rock star) and pointed. I gave them a nice little royal wave. Made their day.


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