Movie Review: Night Of The Living Dead – 1990 (* *)

October 5, 2009 at 7:59 am

Okay, this NOTLD is the movie I thought I’d recorded back in August, but that one turned out to be a 3D remake.  That one was a stinker, so how was the first remake?

Tony Todd (Candyman) and Patricia Tallman (Babylon 5) play Ben and Barbara.  The story starts much like the original with Barbara and her brother traveling to the middle of nowhere to visit their mother’s grave just in time for the dead to rise and start munching on anyone nearby.  Barbara escapes to a nearby farmhouse where she meets Ben, as well as the resident zeds.

Barbara remains nearly catatonic for an awfully long time, leaving Ben to provide pretty much all of the dialogue.  While understandable, it does detract from the movie.  The two of them manage to kill the two zeds in the house, then discover that several people have been hiding out in the basement.  Much interpersonal conflict ensues.

Apparently, everyone hangs around all day, waiting until nightfall before deciding to board up the doors and windows.  Duh.  At least, Barbara notices that the approaching zeds are moving so slowly that they could walk to safety, but her suggestion is overruled by Ben and ignored by the others.   So they wait until dark before boarding up the place and Barbara finds some backbone that’s a nice change from the original.

Zeds flock to the house and try to force their way in while the survivors bicker and barely manage to keep them out.  A failed effort to gas up the truck and escape was nicely handled and I did like the ending.

Overall, two out of five stars.  Not great, but also not a waste of time.


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