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October 4, 2009 at 3:51 pm

I’ve been catching up on the old episodes of Gun Nuts Radio.  I’ve managed to catch only 2 episodes live (Tuesday nights at 9:00 pm EDT), but I’ve subscribed to the podcasts via iTunes and have been playing catchup.

When you listen live, you can call in to talk with Caleb and Breda, or join in the chat with Jay G and the others.  The chat moves at a fast clip and often proceeds along tangents to the actual radio show, but offers a great entertainment.  The podcasts allow me to catch up while commuting, but inspires great frustration since I can’t contribute to the topic at hand.

No doubt about it; I must be more diligent in listening to the show live.

In the meantime, the podcast I just finished was from back in July and the topic was “What one law would you repeal?”  The responses on the show were good, but not good enough.  My choice?

Repeal the Commerce Clause.

The Commerce Clause has been the victim of more abuse by the Federal Government than all of the other articles, amendments and laws combined.  That single line in the US Constitution has been stretched to provide cover for over half of the current functions of the Fed.


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