Movie Review: Over Her Dead Body (*)

September 7, 2009 at 9:43 pm

So this movie has Eva whatsername from Desperate Housewives and Jason Biggs from American Pie.  Except Biggs isn’t one of the main characters, though he does have the most pathetic and funniest scene.

Eva is a bridezilla who dies accidentally on her wedding day (involves an ice sculpture).  Bereft HTB (Husband To Be) has trouble moving on, so his sister takes him to a psychic, AAW (Amy Adams wannabe) to help.  AAW takes a shine to HTB and they start dating, prompting a ghostly Eva to haunt her in an attempt to scare her off.

If you ever saw the trailer for this weak rom-com, you can figure out the not-so-hijinks.


AAW’s gay best friend (Biggs) is supportive, compassionate, consoling, and in the funny/pathetic scene, we discover is not really gay.  Seems she thought he was gay because it took a week for him to gather his courage for a kiss, so he played along for FIVE YEARS waiting for another chance.

And that was it.  Can’t recommend it.  Luckily I recorded it when it was on cable so it only cost me the time spent watching it.


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