Saturday’s Recoil Therapy

August 16, 2009 at 1:06 pm

Went shooting at ACC yesterday with YD (youngest daughter).  She wasn’t happy about it, but my wife wanted to go shopping and the girls weren’t getting along well enough to leave alone.

It was hot, so I parked in the shade.  We had the range to ourselves, so YD played search and rescue with some grasshoppers while I laid out the gear.   I tried out my new Blackhawk 357 (very cool).  I guess I’ll need to find a nice holster for it.

YD tired of corraling insects, asked to shoot the “laser gun” (Ruger SP101 with Crimson Trace grips).  She went through a couple of dozen 38 specials, then wanted to try something else.  I had to talk her out of shooting the 12 gauge (she was pretty determined), settling on a 22 for some plinking fun.

She was smiling all the way home (even before we pulled into DQ for a treat) and even apologized for pouting earlier.  A great day at the range.


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