USPSA Match last Sunday

June 30, 2009 at 8:30 pm

Whew!  And once again, I avoided falling on my face.

Last Sunday, I shot my first USPSA match at the Atlanta Conservation Club (see links).  A couple of posts down, you’ll see where I shot my first IDPA match at the ACC.  While I didn’t set the course on fire, I managed to do okay.

First off, we had 59 shooters (I heard that was a record) divided into 5 teams.  I was fortunate that my team started on the longest course.  We had a second team waiting on us before we were halfway done.  A nice breeze was blowing and ACC erected some canopies to provide shade, so the downtime was very nice for June.

The biggest difference I noticed from IDPA was the gear.  A number of competitors had race guns and even more had race holsters.  As I chatted with the guys, many of them had been competing for 3 or more years and traveling the country for matches.  Everyone was very supportive of the new shooters and quite friendly.

So how did I do?

For Unclassified Production Pistols:  I was 3rd out of 11.

For all Production Pistols:  I was 7th out of 11.

Combined overall:  I was 35th out of 59 with 1 procedural (not sure what I did wrong because I didn’t hear it called).

My accuracy was better than the IDPA, but my times were looonnnngggg.  At least if I maintain my current accuracy and just improve my speed, my score should climb quickly.

Of course, the winner had nearly 3x the points that I had.


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